Our office will close 1pm June 28.
We will reopen 9am-12pm July 8th-12th.
Normal Office hours will resume on 15th July.
Our community garden is a quarter of an acre of green fertile land right behind the main building of the community centre.

About Bedford Park Community Garden

Bedford Park Community Garden is a place of learning, living, growth and community. A green place in the heart of the Eastern suburbs designed to generate, foster and promote all things sustainable. With a quarter of an acre of green fertile land right behind the main building of the Central Ringwood Community Centre and nestled in some gorgeous remnant bush we have something for everyone.

Teacher providing demonstration in permaculture class
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What's happening at our Community Garden

Visit the Bedford Park Community Garden & Sustainability Hub to experience these eco-friendly initiatives firsthand. Our offerings may vary slightly each month, ensuring a diverse range of activities to keep you engaged and inspired.

Knife/Scissor Sharpening

Bring new life to your tools with our monthly knife and scissor sharpening service. Keep your kitchen essentials in top-notch condition while reducing waste.

Food Swap

Join our food swap to exchange homegrown produce and locally sourced goodies. It’s a delightful way to diversify your pantry while supporting a culture of sharing and reducing food waste.

Clothes Share

No need to bring your own clothes! Dive into our Clothes Share and explore a diverse array of pre-loved garments. It’s a sustainable way to refresh your wardrobe and contribute to the circular fashion movement.

Bike Care and Repair Tutorial

Learn the art of sustainable transportation with our monthly bike care and repair tutorial. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or just starting, our experts will guide you in keeping your bike in excellent condition.

Monthly Special Guests

Stay tuned for exciting announcements each month! We’ll be hosting special guests, experts, and enthusiasts who share our passion for sustainability. It’s an opportunity to learn, connect, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Community Compost

We are open for food waste contributions with a new system that’s designed to keep our compost happy and the smell levels low. If you would like to become a Community Composter, there’s a simple registration form, and there will soon be a QR code at the compost bin where you’ll track you contributions.

“You can spend your whole life traveling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or you can create it in your backyard.”
― Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Wide grassy area in Bedford Park Community Garden

Hire our Community Garden for your next event

Celebrate in style! Create unforgettable memories with our exclusive event packages tailored just for you! Whether it’s a special occasion, a birthday bash, or a community gathering, our garden is the perfect backdrop for your event.